Organiko – Beautifying Life, an organic skin-care brand unveils its new Identity

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Organiko, organic beauty and skincare brand unveiled its new identity today. Upholding its new brand identity and vision for the consumers.

Organiko – Beautifying Life

Organiko not only redesigned its logo but has also repositioned itself with a new brand narrative, in the market. 

The new brand story, which takes you to the ancient era, gives a sneak peek of the brand’s inspiration behind the urge to produce organic products for their discerning consumer.

The new logo originates from the concept of historical Egyptian Queen – Cleopatra depicting intellect and striking beauty.

The color palette used for the logo and branding is warm, earthy, and has a hint of primeval Egyptian period. And it comes across through packaging, tags, carry bags, stationery et cetera.

The two types of elements used in new brand identity are derived from different themes. The floral leaves and flowers in earthy tones are derived from Egyptian art, elements and murals. The herbs and plants draw the ayurvedic and organic touch.  

Ms Pooja Kaul, Founder of Organiko said, 

“Being one of the unique brands in the beauty industry, we stepped ahead to redefine and reposition the identity of our brand. Focused on delivering quality products made of donkey milk, we aim to build a consumer connection and uphold trust amongst the key stakeholders. The newly created brand logo and narrative are in synchronization with our mission and vision for the brand. We have taken our inspiration from Cleopatra – the Egyptian Queen – as she is being remembered for her impeccable art and alluring beauty depicting both intellect and exquisiteness since she was known for her golden milk baths. The amalgamation of the ancient holistic healing system mixed with Ayurveda is what Organiko stands for.”  

Ms Pooja Kaul

The brand specializes in organic beauty products produced from Donkey Milk, which offers one of the effective beauty regimes. Donkey milk has innumerable benefits and helps to keep your skin fresh, plump and smooth.  

About Organiko

Organiko Beautifying Life – our motivation is to bring you organic beauty products created from the most unexpected of ingredients, Donkey Milk.

Unexplored to a large extent in recent history, it not only offers you one of the most effective beauty regimes in the world. But, uplifts and financially supports some of the most marginalized and underprivileged communities of modern India, the owners of these loving and hardy beings.

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