Priyanka Chopra Jonas ushers in the era of the ‘Action Heroine’ in Hollywood

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas ushers in the era of the ‘Action Heroine’ in Hollywood. Russo Brothers couldn’t stop marveling over her in Citadel.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

As executive producers Joseph Russo and Anthony Russo joined the cast for promotions of their global spy series Citadel ahead of its global premiere in London, the Russo brothers couldn’t stop marveling over Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s preparation and training for action sequences in the Prime Video Series. Unlike most spy thrillers, Chopra Jonas’s character Nadia Sinh has an equal playing field with actor Richard Madden’s character Mason Kane and has done 80 percent of the high-octane action sequences all by herself.

Best known for directing four films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Joe Russo of the Russo Brothers even confessed to the fact that Chopra Jonas has done more action than Robert Downey Junior and Chris Evans. He said, “The physical work she did on the show, for the amount of time she had to do it, it was the toughest we have put any actor through,” comparing her to Tom Cruise who is known to do all his action sequences without a body double.

Joe Russo further added,

“It’s the hardest job we have asked of any actor that we worked with. Even when we were doing those Marvel movies, when Robert Downey Jr puts on that helmet, he is out and CGI takes over. Chris Evans puts on the cap, some man takes over, but there was no rest for her.” Chopra Jonas who was left with a scar on her left eyebrow from colliding with the camera during the filming of an action sequence said, “I felt really proud of it; I got to draw a lot of my own experience of having control on my body from the action movies I did in India. It was very exciting.”

The spy series Citadel premieres on April 28 with the first two episodes. A new episode will be out every week and the season finale of the show will air on May 26.

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