Shenaz Treasurywala beats the lockdown blues with a first of its kind community for Adventurers and Explorers

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Bollywood actress-turned-travel influencer Shenaz Treasurywala (#TravelwithShenaz) wasn’t feeling her best when the pandemic hit and confessed that she missed traveling the most.


It’s no surprise that as soon as the regulations were eased, the first thing she did was to pack her bags and proceed on a road trip, with precautions in place.

The bubbly personality has been visiting unconventional spots, her recent trip covering Himachal Pradesh where she has been reveling the local experiences.

As the diva continues her road trip, she has associated with a first of its travel community to bring together adventurers and explorers.

Cinthol Awesome Explorers

This initiative is part of her collaboration with legacy brand Cinthol. The community is called ‘Cinthol Awesome Explorers’ and let people share their experiences and talk about moments that make them feel most alive and awesome.

India’s top adventurist and travelers who join her for this community include moto vlogger Vishakha Fulsunge, photographer and travel blogger Anunay Sood, travel influencer Trishita Bhattacharya, motorcyclist Harish Kumar, any many more.

Being a traveller at heart, she has put her acting career on hold to travel fulltime as this is what motivates her and keeps her positive and happy.

Sharing her thoughts, Shenaz says,

“Life is a gift and my biggest fear is that I’m running out of time. I want to live fully. In the beginning of the year, locked-in at home, I felt dead. But not anymore. I decided to not just live but thrive and feel alive!”

Shenaz Treasurywala

She further adds, “I’m excited to be a part of the Awesome Explorers club. It’s a first of its kind community for adventurers and explorers like me. Some of my life hacks to feel alive are doing something outside my comfort zone, scaring myself, learning something new. I’m feeling the most alive I’ve ever felt, right now, on my great Indian road trip.”

As the community establishes itself online as well offline, Shenaz is gearing up for many-more interesting initiatives in days to come.

After Goa and Himachal Pradesh, we can’t wait to see where the actress heads next. You can follow her refreshing travel adventures on Instagram using #TravelwithShenaz .

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