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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 19 – Gateman’s Gift – गोविंद सिंह की भेंट

In this story, we meet ex- gateman Govind Singh who after twenty-five years of good, clean service as the gateman of Engladia’s feels that he has gone mad. After retirement,trouble brews for him as in his free time he starts making dolls and proceeds to create entire models of places – a market scene, his oldoffice to name a few. They garner a lot of appreciation from people at the office and a few of his creations, he presents to his General Manager who had spoken to him twice in his twenty-five years of service – the day he was given the job of a gateman and the day he retired.

He comes to know through the man who gives him his monthly pension that the General Manager loves these models and this fills him with encouragement and happiness. Narayan has very acutely portrayed feelings of a blue-collar employee, the chasm which is there between them and the white-collar employees and how much of this class barrier affects the life of this gateman.

Govind Singh creates a model of the office and presents it. A few days later he receives a registered mail which makes him go into a state of panic (In the past he had received two mails which had been a source of torture for him till the contents had been read out).

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