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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 51 – Annamalai – अन्नामलई (Part 1)

‘Annamalai’ is a touching story of a warm and gentle worker who starts to work for a writer under very strange circumstances. The writer wants peace but is unable to bear the racquet the nearby lorry depot makes. The lorry owner gives him a choice of moving to a peaceful place and even lends him one of his lorries to move. One of the movers happens to be Annamalai who has been working as an indenture labourer for the lorry owner. Annamalai decides to stay back at the writers home. The writer and Annamalai develop a beautiful relationship.

Annamalai does many things; cooks, guards the house but most of the time takes care of the garden. Annamalai is an uneducated person, but has a strong sense of morals and ethics. One day, Annamalai finds out that a tailor who owes him money in his village is cheating him and his family. Annamalai requests the writer for a 10 day leave, but the writer refuses as he has begun to become dependent on him. Instead the writer offers him money. But Annamalai is not so much bothered about money as he is about being cheated. So, he begs him to give him leave but to no use. Finally, Annamalai decides to leave without the writer’s permission. Assuring the writer that he is not a thief and telling him that he has taken only is belonging, Annamalai leaves. After many months, the writer gets a letter from Annamalai asking him some financial help. The writer sends him more than he had asked for, hoping he will come back. One day as the writer sits writing, the sound of the gate opening is heard. He sees Annamalai is back.

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