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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 29 – The Missing Mail – डाकिया

The story “The Missing Mail” centers round Thanappa, a conscientious postman. He holds personal relationships dearer than his duty. He feels personally involved in the lives of the people of Vinayak Mudali Street. Of these he is most attracted to Ramanujam and his family.

Thanappa knew that Ramanujam was worried about his daughter’s marriage. Though Ramanujam’s father in law had saved rs.5000 for her marriage but still He couldn’t find a proper match for her. Thanappa suggested a match in Delhi. The parents of the boy wanted to see Kamakshi. The match was fixed. The wedding had to be solemnized before a particular date i.e. 20th may as the boy couldn’t marry after that for three years.

In the mean time, Thanappa received a letter and a telegram for Ramanujam, just before the marriage. The news of Ramanujam’s uncle’s death was in the telegram. Thanappa suppressed both the letter and the telegram as he knew that if he gives them to Ramanujam again the marriage will be postponed.Thanappa confessed the truth to Ramanujam after the marriage. But Ramanujam felt cheated and angry. How ever he condoned Thanappa’s mistake as his intention was noble.

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