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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 31 – Roman Image – रोम की मूर्ति

To Malgudi comes India’s most famed archaeologist – Dr. Bandhopadhyaya, a bit of a crank! His equally cranky theories are conveyed to old friend cum assistant, none other than the Talkative Man. The archaeologist believes that remnants of Ancient Rome still lie about the plains of Malgudi – and he’s out to prove it! And so the two go tramping around the countryside, looking for these remnants till the Talkative Man comes up with a stone image which is confirmed as Roman! The press laud them, the Historical Society praise them, and the two bask in public adulation. Returning to the spot one morning, the Talkative Man chances on the truth about the image – was it really from Ancient Rome or have our heroes made a slight geographical error.

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