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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 36 – Neighbour’s Help – पडौसी की मदद

The Neighbour’s help is a beautiful story that portrays true friendship never dies. Ekambaram and Ram are childhood friends: they have grown up together, and even got married around the same time, Ekambaram has a large family and find it difficult to manage on his meager lawyer’s income. However, Ram has inherited his father’s business, has a small family and is prosperous.

One day, Ekambaram dies, leaving the family’s gold jewellery in Ram’s charge till such a time his son grown up. Ram is helpful and starts to give money to Ekambram’s family and educates his children. But soon his businessman’s instinct takes over and he thinks, he should start charging interest.
One day when he sits down to calculate the interest in the quite of his farmhouse, Ekambaram’s ghost comes and taunts him about being greedy. Ram is shaken. He goes back home and tell his wife about Ekambaram’s ghostly visit. His wife laughs it off saying that it’s his own conscience that’s telling him not to be selfish and she advises not o be greedy and not to charge interest.

Ram realizes his folly and makes it up to Ekambaram’s family helping his son get job. He returns the jewellery that has been his custody, and also gives them some money. Ram’s guilt conscience is appeased and he lives happily ever after.

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