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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 28 – Iswaran – ईश्वरन

Iswaran, instead of racing to see his grades like everyone else, he catches a movie- twice! He obviously has no motivation for school or put effort into doing school work and that is why he is doing so poorly. He decides that he doesn’t want to embarrass his family because he is a failure, so he proceeds to go to the river and drown himself! Yikes!(It’s a bad day, bad term, but not a bad life!)

Surprisingly Iswaran changes his mind and decides to go and see his grades that are posted at the Senate House. Well, he passed! Iswaran, over-joyed, envisioned himself on horse and “rode” away. His imagination got to the best of him, so he leaped into the river and drown. The note Iswaran wrote earlier stated: “My dear father, by the time you see this letter I shall be at the bottom of Sarayu. I don’t want to live. Don’t worry about me. You have other sons who are not such dunces as I am-“

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