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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 34 – Carrer – रामजी की लीला

This is the story of Ramu, an orphan boy wanting to have a job with a merchant in the town of Malgudi. Being orphan, he takes pity on Ramu and employs him. Ramu develops association with the whole family in a manner that they begin trusting him totally. Sheshadri, the boy practically allows Ramu to handle total business including purchase and sale and he thinks of expanding the business with the assistance of Ramu who has become one of the family member.

One day when Sheshadri was out of station and returns back, finds that his whole shop is empty and Ramu not only had swindle all the money but also borrowed money and disappeared. Sheshadri now forced to leave the town because of the heavy loss and after several years when he is going to a Temple, he sees a man begging on the steps of the temple who is affected by leprosy. He realizes that he is Ramu and tries to call him. When he turns back, he finds Ramu not there and has disappeared, leaving in the mind of the audience whatever they feel like.

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