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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 32 – Trail of the Green Blazer – पाकीट मार

This is the story of a pick – pocketier and his final outcome in life when he tries to take right path which is practically satire. Raju, who is a pick pocketer continues his profession bluffing his wife that he is earning ease from various business, etc. On one such occasion he follows a gentle man with the Green Blazer finds that he has bought some balloons for his daughter and ultimately pick pockets his purse. While removing the cash from the purse notices the balloon, which the man bought for his young daughter. He is really upset thinking what the child will feel when he goes back without the balloon. Raju push back the balloon in the purse and tries to put it back in the pocket of the gentleman with the Green Blazer. At that time he is caught, beaten up and handed over to police with the feeling that never again he will ever sympathize with anyone.

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