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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 26 – Dodu – दोडू

Dodu is a sweet touching story about a little boy who wants to make some money to buy little things he fancies. Being smart and enterprising, Dodu decides to use the pocket money his uncle has given him to buy stamps and sell them. His family members who buy the stamps fail to pay him. Thus making him incur losses. Once a stranger offers to buy stamps, but starts a fight when he discovers that Dodu is making a profit over the stamp. Thus ends Dodu’s business venture.

One day he discovers that people buy writings done on palm leaves. Without knowing that the ones they buy are of historical importance and are heritages of the past, Dodu in all his innocence scribble on a palm leaf and takes it to the archeologists. The archeologists happens to be a kind and warm human being and he indulges Dodu by buying the leaf for a few coins. Dodu is happy, he walks away, munching on peanuts. R.K. Narayan is at his best when he writes about children and little dreams and aspirations. Dodu is one touching example of Malgudi Days.

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