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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 16 – The Vendor of Sweets – मिठाईवाला (Part 8)

Leela’s mother Kamala works hard around the home. When she complains to her husband to find domestic help, Sidda overhears it and offers to work as their servant. Leela instantly takes a liking for Sidda and begs her parents to hire him. He works hard and becomes a favorite of Leela. One day Kamala sends Sidda to the market, and Leela begs to go along. When they return, Kamala notices that Leela’s necklace is missing. She questions Sidda, who does not answer her accusations but instead leaves the home.

Kamala tells her husband, who reports the incident to the police. The police locate Sidda and take him to Leela’s house, where Kamala and her husband again confront him. Sidda maintains his innocence, but is taken away by the police for questioning. Later, Kamala finds the necklace in a jar in the kitchen. Leela’s father decides that Leela must not be given any more jewelry to wear, and decides to let the police know about the discovery the next day. Meanwhile, the police continue to beat up Sidda to extract a confession.

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