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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 38 – Salt & Sawdust – नमक और चीनी(Part 2)

‘Salt & Sawdust’ is a light story that reflects a young couple’s dreams and ambitions. Swamy works in a factory and Veena is a housewife. Veena is a bad cook, so Swamy cooks everyday before going to work. Veena harbors dreams of becoming a writer and Swamy brings her a notebook to write. Many days and months pass, and Veena has not progressed much with her story. Finally, with the help of Swamy, Veena manages to complete a story. The story is a comedy and tells the tale of a Chinese dentist who falls in love with his toothless patient and how they get married. Swamy is a very good cook, and he has a brilliant idea. He suggest that the story should not merely mention the grand wedding but also give details of what food was served at the banquet with details of every dish. He also suggests that the recipe of the food served should form a detailed portion for people to appreciate the book. Finally they send it to the publishers. The story ends hilariously when the publishers want to print only the recipes and not the story! Thus, Veena who does not know how to cook becomes a famous recipe writer with the help of her husband Swamy!

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