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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 50 – Four Rupees – चार रुपये

‘Four Rupees’ is a delightful story of Ranga a poor man who is lazy and good for nothing. The story begins with Ranga being scolded by his wife to go and look for job, as they do not have anything to eat. Reluctantly, Ranga goes out and asked people for odd jobs such as climbing the coconut tree and plucking the coconuts. At all his efforts are to no avail. As he sits dejected in the market road, a servant comes by and seeks his help to fetch an antique pot, which has fallen into the well. He even promises good money. Ranga is enticed by the offer, but is scared to get into the well. But the servant leaves him no choice and drags him along.

When they reach the rich man’s house, Ranga is petrified looking at the deep well and wants to back out, but the entire family coaxes him to get into well. To postpone the impending task, Ranga claims he is hungry and they feed him like a royal prince. They even increase his fee for fetching the pot. Finally, mustering enough courage, Ranga goes into the well and by accident retrieves the pot. He goes home with four rupees, a box of sweets and new clothes much to the disbelief of his wife who thinks he must have stolen the money. He tells her of his ordeal of getting into the well but the wife does not believe him. When he notices a similar looking antique pot belonging to the mother – in – law Ranga starts running, shouting that he will not return till the pot is taken away from his sight.

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