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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 23 – Performing Child – अभिनेत्री

The story of performing child is about a cute little girl called krishnaveni alias kutti by her parents. She is the only daughter. Her father Sitapathi is a teacher and her mother is a housewife. Kutti is a very good dancer. She learned classical dance from her mother and started giving performances in her school from the age of 6. She is very talented and her expressions used to surprise everyone in the village. But she always wished to play with a small doll and to go all around in an engine, eat lots and lots of chocolates.

One day she was performing in a school function. A Film producer attended that function and saw the girl performing. He was very much impressed by the girl’s performance and gave her a cash price. Later one day he met Sitapathi and told him that his daughter is very talented and he wants to show the girl to a famous director. Sitapathi said ok and asked him to come home when he gets time. Producer told Sitapathi that he is going to come on Saturday. Sitapathi told his wife and they were waiting for the day.

Soon, the day they were eagerly waiting has come. Kutti was sleeping and she was dreaming about the chocolates, Rail engine and the cute doll. Suddenly her mother came and woke her up. She told her that today is very important day and she has to give a dance performance in front of two uncles, if she does, she is going to get lots of money, by which she can buy many chocolates and dolls. Kutti shooked her head and got ready. Sitapathi was tensed. The producer arrived along with the director and wished Sitapathi, Sitapathi invited them and offered them chairs to sit. Kutti was not at all interested to meet them. When they asked her to perform she rejected that she is not going to do. She looked her mother’s face and said ok. Kutti performed for a classical dance. Director was impressed and told Sitapathi to make her ready by 4pm in the evening, we are going to take a screen test. Sitapathi was happy that the girl got selected.

He and his wife thought they could clear all their debts and live happily without any tension. Kutti was not at all happy. Kutti’s mother made her to wear a frock and left her hair loose, so that she could look more cute and pretty. Kutti asked her mother that she doesn’t want to wear this frock and she wants to wear a lahenga, but her mother explained her in a pleasing way and left the place. Kutti was getting irritated she asked mother that she is going out to play. Director and producer arrived the place by 4pm, they asked Sitapathi about Kutti. He said she went out to play and she will be soon back, He asked his wife to go and call the girl. Kutti’s mother went here and there asked everyone, but Kutti was no more. She informed the news to Sitapathi. Sitapathi immediately went to Kutti’s school and searched everywhere in the village, but Kutti was found nowhere. He went to Police Station and gave a complaint that Kutti was missing.

Meanwhile Kutti’s mother searched in the home, under beds and roofs. She found kutti unconscious in a box. She was horrified looking the child unconscious, She immediately rushed to the hospital, Doctor checked Kutti and gave her some injections and prescribed some vitamin tablets and he ensured kutti’s mother that Kutti is absolutely fine. She fell unconscious because she didn’t have anything from morning. Kutti’s mother felt relaxed. Kutti opened her eyes and called her mother. Kutti’s mother ensured her that she is safe and asked the reason why she hide herself in the box. Kutti replied that he doesn’t want to meet those uncles; she wants to escape from them and did so. Kutti also warned her that “if they again visit our place then I’ll again hide”. Her mother gave a smile and told her that she will never call them again. This is the story of “The Performing Child”.

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