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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 22 – Nitya – नित्या

The story has a pledge as the background. When Nitya was two years old, he had fatal whooping cough, and at that time, his parents offered to shave his head as a vow. But, once their family deity granted their wish, they forgot all about it.

The story begins some eighteen years after the promise was made, when Nitya has grown up into a handsome, creative and free spirited unbeliever, who is way too conscious of his curly, fashionable hair to sacrifice them at the altar of his parents’ sudden religiousness!

But, his parents despite their momentary oversight are actually quite God fearing, and are adamant on fulfilling the promise lest the Goddess gets angry. But, would Nitya be ready to give away what he values the most, forms the basic plot of the story.

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