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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 25 – The Antidote – अन्धविश्वास

The Antidote’ is a humorous tale that takes place entirely in the backdrops of a film shoot and its crew. The protagonist of the story, Gopal is also the hero of the Tele – film. The day of the shoot coincidentally happens to be his birthday. The scene that is to be shot on that day is of the hero’s death. But ironically the hero’s astrologer has forewarned him that he is not supposed to do anything inauspicious on that particular day. The hero requests, pleads and even begs the director, the scriptwriter and the producer to shoot the scene on some other day.

But due to various constraints they refuse to abide by his wishes and insist on shooting it that very day. Terror stricken to the enact a death scene. Gopal finds a solution by winking at the camera at the last minute. This goes unnoticed by the camera man and the director. Gopal’s duplicity is revealed when they all preview the rushes. But everything ends well with the director forgiving Gopal and they decide to re – shoot the scene. The Antidote’ dwells lightly on people’s faith in superstitions and how by twisting events and circumstances everyone can be happy.

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