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Malgudi Days – मालगुडी डेज – Episode 49 – Forty-Five A Month – ४५ रुपये

Forty- Five A Month is a touching story about a simple man Venkat who has a wife Laxmi and school going daughter Shanti. He works with Elgin Electric Flour Mill as an accountant and earns Rs. 40 per month. Venkat who is constantly under work responsibilities cannot take time out for his daughter and wife. This upsets both of them. One day his daughter Shanti pleads him to take her to watch a cinema in nearby theatre. This time Venkat decides to please Shanti make up for all the past events he has missed with her.

In the office, impressed with his performance his boss offers him a promotion and increase in salary by Rs. 5. This puts him in an awkward situation to ask for a leave. In the excitement Shanti bunks her school, doesn’t eat her food and keeps waiting for her father the entire evening but Venkat doesn’t come till late in the night. He finds his daughter tired and sleeping. Helpless Venkat sits by her bedside and starts weeping.
R.K Narayan is at his best in describing the life of a common man.

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